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Geosystems offer special selected mineral specimens for sale.

International samples

Ankerite, from Kamariza, Lavrion, Greece
Annabergite, from Km 3 mine, Lavrion, Greece
Azurite, malachite , Lavrion, Greece
Cerussite from Mibladen, Morocco
Glaucosphaerite, from Km 3 mine, Lavrion, Greece
Hubeite, from Hubei province, China
Olivenite, from Majuba Hill mine, Pershing Co. Nevada, USA
Pyrite, Huanzala, Peru
Pyrite, Navajun, Spain
Scheelitt, Mian Yang mine, Shi Chuan prov. China
Schörl, Vitusha mtn., Sofia, Bulgaria

Norwegian samples

Gemmy Epidote, from Åmotsdalen, Central Norway
Specular Hematite, from Svinsaas Jasper Quarry, Central Norway
Smoky Quartz, from Lierne, Central Norway
Quartz w. redish hematite, from Børgefjell, Northern Norway
Silver from Kongsberg mine, Southern Norway
Calcite from Klaebu, central Norway
Ferro-Axinite, from Løkken Verk (good selection available)
Thulite xx embedded in Quartz, Leksvik

Epidote, Uvite, pericline from Løkken Verk
Micro Quartz/Hematite/Calcite/Ankerite in jasper micro cavities, from Løkken Verk (good selection available)
Kyanite with deep green chromium mica, from Tustna island (good selection available)
Kyanite, from Selbu (good selection available)
Quartz, from Bjørnefjell at Harstad (recrystalizations, good selection available)
Schörl on pegmatite matrix, from Trollheimen mountains, Centralk Norway
Almandine, xls up to 2 cm well shaped on Quartz keratophyre matrix, with Hornblende. From Trondheim

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