Mining history excursions at Løkken Verk

In the village of Løkken Verk and the area around there is a number of old mines and quarries worth a visit.
The images below is from the Dragset Verk mine, west from Løkken Verk village.

Photo: Lars B. JørgensenPhoto: Lars B. Jørgensen
This particular mine is located far east in the Løkken field.
It was work there as late as around 1900, they mined copper ore.
The ore was transported to Svorkmo and Orkanger for melting.
The mine were shut down because of a long strike. The miners fought for better salaries og working conditions.

We offer you a secure guided tour through houndreds of years old mine tunnels
You will experience some of the hard labour that has created these monuments of Norwegian mining history.

Helmet, torch, rope, rubber boots and some courage.
Tge tours is guided by Lars B. Jørgensen og Elin B. Sagvold.