Cabin rental Photo: Lars B. Jørgensen, Grouse in flight

We can offer you two different and beautiful cabin locations.

Both cabins are family friendly and is situated near to the Løkken Verk village.
There is good parking conditions.
The area is perfect for both fishing and hunting
The Orkla river and the famous salmon fishing there is just a few minutes of driving away.

Frilsjøen Frilsjøen
Nice small lake fishing attached to the cabin.
Room for 4 persons

There is a main cabin with two smaller sleeping cabins nearby.
Myrahåggån Myrahåggån
Forest cabin with room for 3 -4 persons
One main cabin with a smaller sleeping cabin attached
All cabins has 12 v electricity (sun / battery electricity)
There is a well with fresh and clean water

Per day per person (Children younger than 16 free)NOK 200
Week rental, 7 days, familyNOK 2450
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