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Item noDescriptionPrice USD
Eklogite cube 16x16x16 cm polished480
100102Souvenir box, w. polished stone coin and logo20
100645Pen shelf, Jasper, Løkken Verk15
200597Pen shelf, circular. Vasskis25
200134Watch for table, bookshelf, Jasper, large55
200598Wine cap, Jasper35
200694Wine cap, vasskis35
900125Dish w. foot, soapstone75
900126Cup, Soap stone65
900127Watch for wall mounting, Marble, Løkken Verk55
900128Watch for wall mounting, Vasskis 30x20 cm polished plate155
Watch for wall mounting, Thulite 15x15 cm polished plate75
900129Heart of Lapis Lazuli35
900130Brooch, Hematite, large silver frame49
900131Brooch, Jasper, large silver frame49
900132Brooch, Jasper, medium silver frame30
900133Brooch, Jasper, small silver frame38
900134Brooch, Jasper, small silver frame30
900137Brooch, Jasper, silver frame30
900145Brooch, Vasskis, Løkken Verk, silver frame49
900147Brooch, Jasper, Løkken Verk, silver frame49
900148Brooch, Felsite, Løkken Verk, silver frame49
900135Pin, Vaccinium Citis-idaea25
900136Pin, Ribes uva-crispa30
900138Pin, Vasskis25
900139Vaccinium Vitis-idaea15
900140Hedera helix15
900141Bracelet, Tiger's eye small spheres20
900142Bracelet, Tiger's eye sphere with silver frame15
900143Bola tie, Vasskis25
900144Bola tie, Jasper35
900146Bola tie, Felsite/hornfels, Løkken Verk35
901028Ear rings, Thulite, Lom10