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GeolibŪ is shareware. Try it and register when you like

To download Geolib v. 2.1.2 please follow these instructions:
1: Download the file below to a directory on your Hard drive.
2: Then run setupex.exe in that directory.

Self extracting setup executable
4576 KB
Pick file !


3: Start Geolib and evaluate the application

  1. What's inside the shareware version of Geolib 2.1.2 ?

    The shareware version contains some 1800 mineral definitions ++ other related entities
    The registered version contains this information

Maybe you would like to search in our specimens for sale catalog ?
Download Geolib compatible mineral specimen database

Do you need formated chemical formulas ?

Formated formulas comes in handy when printing specimen labels etc.
We have compiled this for all minerals, from the same database as Geolib
Click Here to download a sample document, MS-Word 6.0 and above.
The sample document also contains order information.
You can buy these documents for $10 by sending an e-mail to:Geosystems.
If you buy you'll get one document for each initial letter, and one document listing all. Total: 27 documents.